William Björkman – internship at Geranium, ranked No. 2 restaurant in the world

William Björkman - internship at Geranium, ranked No. 2 restaurant in the worldWhere are you from?

My name is William Björkman, I am a passionate 23 years old boy from Sweden.

Tell us briefly about Geranium

Geranium is named after the flower “Geranium”, it is a sign of life and blossom. The restaurant can be described as a place where food transforms into art. Perfection in every detail with the open kitchen looking over the dining room. It is a magical place where the customers not only get amazing food, but an experience for life.

Why did you choose this internship?

For me, doing an internship at Geranium was an easy choice, it is ranked the second best restaurant in the world, and the way they respect and bring the produce to life is world class. The way the produce is treated and their attention to detail is beyond perfection. The same perfection that you find in everything they do, in every technique and every plate served.

What were your tasks?

During my time at Geranium the tasks varied, it could be anything from picking herbs, cutting flowers, peeling shrimps to grilling different proteins, overseeing the sous vide, and plating different dishes. A major priority is cleaning and organization, everything needs to be always spotless.

What part did you find the most difficult?

The most difficult was to get into the flow of working and routines. The days starts at 08.00 and finish at midnight if not later. To push and get the body in sync with 16 hours plus shifts with around 5 hours sleep took a few weeks to adjust.

What have you learned?

Words cannot describe everything I learned through the internship. I think the most important thing I will bring with me is the ability to always push and go in with the mindset to always strive to produce the most perfect result in every task.

What is your favorite memory from your internship?

I don’t have one specific memory that sticks out, it is a package deal with the internship. All the amazing memories and friendships formed during the period are glorious. If I must choose it is when you see a dish that you have been prepping for coming together. Imagine working on a dish for 15 hours and finally seeing it coming together on the plate. This is what makes cooking such a beautiful experience.

William Björkman - internship at Geranium, ranked No. 2 restaurant in the world 5

Do you have any piece of advice for students who are about to enter their internship?

For anyone going out on their internship I would say bring a great mindset of doing whatever the chefs tell you to do with no hesitation. Push everything to the limit and strive for perfection. It does not matter if it is peeling carrots or making a cake everything should be perfect and go very fast.

If you could do your internship at Geranium with a superpower, what would it be?

If I could have a superpower, it would be to understand and speak every language. It is such an international kitchen with different languages everywhere. It would be amazing to understand and being able to understand everything that is always going on around you

When I push, I feel good