SEG-Swiss Education Group is proud to partner with leaders in the international school community. Our partnerships are based on common values, commitment to excellent student experiences and development.

Our international school partners

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CIS- Council of International Schools

The Council of International Schools (CIS) is a membership community committed to high quality international education. The CIS community includes more than 1300 schools and universities, representing 123 countries.

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COBIS – Council of International British Schools

The Council of International British School (COBIS) is a premier global association for international British school overseas representing over 400 schools and organizations globally.

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Pearson BTEC

BTECs are high-quality, career-focused qualifications grounded in the real world of work. This means BTEC learners develop and apply the knowledge, skills and behaviours that employers and universities are looking for.

At SEG-Swiss Education Group we recognize:

  • Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals
  • Pearson BTEC Nationals level 3
  • Pearson BTEC Internationals Level 3

For more information see SHMS and HIM.

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VIE Education

VIE Education is committed to an education philosophy that is both innovative and experiential, combining rigorous academic study, with authentic hands-on industry learning and service.

SEG has partnered with VIE education and co-created a CRS module in business and hospitality that you are able to run alongside/as a part of an IBCP, A-levels or AP curriculum.

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Montreux International School (MIS)

Montreux International School is an innovative forward thinking IB World School and is the 1st exclusive IB Career Related Programme school in Europe. MIS offers the best of the best in terms of career related education offering four exciting pathways for students to choose from. These are IB approved professional learning pathways that are academically rigorous and future of work aligned allowing for preferred admission and accelerated University Bachelor Degree progression. The CRS in Hospitality Management delivered at MIS has been co-created and is delivered in partnership with SEG-Swiss Education Group.

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Malmö Borgarskola

Malmö Borgarskola is the largest upper secondary school in Malmö with about 1,400 students, and a variety of programs, including the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB-DP) and Career Programme (IB-CP).

The BAHM-Business Administration in Hospitality Management programme, that follows both the Career-related Programme of the IB and the Swedish Business and Administration Programme (handels- och administrationsprogrammet), leads to further/higher education, apprenticeships, or employment.

Malmö Borgarskola collaborates with Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM), to give students a top quality education. Hotel Institute Montreux, which is part of SEG, conducts part of the teaching for BAHM.

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SSHL – Sigtuna Humanistiska Läroverket

SSHL is a boarding school in Sigtuna outside of Stockholm, Sweden offering both the Swedish national curriculum and the IBDP and IBCP programs. Their IBCP in Hospitality Management is delivered in partnership with VIE education of which the CRS is co-created and delivered in partnership with SEG-Swiss Education Group.


Our partners and their students receive many advantages

  • Recognition of their programs
  • Opportunity to co-create and develop innovative program offerings
  • Opportunity to book tailored guest lectures from our faculty
  • Visits from SEG representatives to the school to inform students about the opportunities available to them with SEG.
  • Earmarked scholarships
  • Advanced standing in the application process
  • Direct entry opportunities
  • Opportunities to visit Switzerland and the SEG campuses
  • Scholarships/discounts on SEG summer programs


Interested in getting in touch? Contact Levi Kritikos in charge of International School Relations on [email protected].

Are you a student from an international school and have questions about SEG-Swiss Education Group? Contact us with the form below or e-mail our student counsellor Alex Georgescu on [email protected]